(It would not be advised to consume a liter of mate on your own.) The first sip is the most bitter, https://mykitchenadvisor.com/stainless-steel-cookware-made-in-usa/ and the flavor mellows over time as the tea is diluted. Hence, it might seem like curing is necessary for your yerba mate gourd if you don’t want it to turn rotten. One of the most common questions we receive is whether a gourd has mold inside. It can be understandably freighting to see what could potentially be mold inside your yerba mate gourd. Perhaps the most economical way to enjoy your yerba mate is to purchase our wild harvest fine cut along with our Finum single teacup filter paper. A convenient “filling flap” prevents any mess while filling with yerba mate.

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  • These ceremonies typically take place outdoors and make for a spiritual experience.
  • Its popularity means that it is most likely one of the few options you’ll find when you are looking for yerba mate brands.
  • Usually, the harvested leaves are dried by a wood fire.
  • A two-tone wood and aluminum choice, it brings a contemporary look to this traditional vessel.
  • You can have your pick from a wide variety of flavor and power to find the best yerba mate infusion for your taste.

Real yerba mate enthusiasts probably frown upon using a french press for preparing it. Now you can add hot water to the hollow area once again not quite allowing it to reach the top of the mate. You are now ready to sip the first preparation of the mate. Sip all of the tea from the gourd and then add more hot water to make more.

Yerba Mate Kraus Organic Gourmet, 500g

Don’t be afraid to experiment with each brew until you get it exactly the way you like it. The choice is really yours regarding whether or not you want to sweeten the tea. As I mentioned earlier, it is traditional to drink it unsweetened, but if you prefer, you can flavor it using burnt sugar, warm milk, mint, or lemon juice. Though you only need to cure it once, it’s important to allow it to completely dry between use to prevent mold.

Health Benefits Of Yerba Mate

The leaves provide long-lasting vitality, while the stems lend a subtle softness. Use a spoon or the bombilla to get the remaining tea out. There is a plastic cup available for those who wish to use one while traveling or simply prefer the convenience of modern materials. These cups usually come in the shape of a travel mug and have advanced features. Just like bombillas and yerba mates, there are many different types of gourds to choose from. Now I know I’m going to get a lot of hate on this, but I love silicone gourds.

Boosts Energy And Improves Mental Focus

The reason for all of this is that the components in yerba mate make your body pull on your fat for fuel, giving you longer stamina. If you are feeling a bit peckish in the afternoon, drink a cup of mate. It will suppress your appetite, so you don’t ruin your healthy eating habits with junk. Unlike some other brands, this one retains its flavor throughout drinking.

Now after drinking yerba mate daily for several years, I really enjoy its taste. It is also nice to try mate products from different brands coming from various countries, as they really differ in taste, aroma, and the energizing effect that they provide. In short, yerba mate tea is an amazing and all-natural drink that gives you more energy and vigor. Originally a gift from the Guarani people, yerba mate is an important part of Argentina’s history and culture today.

Tea Mix

Dating back to the time of the Indians, the custom of drinking Yerba Mate in a gourd has come to symbolize a lot for the peoples of southern Brazil. A Chimarro circle became the culmination of tradition, uniting people of every race, belief, skin color and social class around a fire creating a common ground for all. This creates an environment of respect, uniting couples, bonding generations and solidifying the family nucleus. It brings people to a sense of community, enduring friendships, inspiring the sense of comfort as the gourd circles around. It maintains the feeling of affection and companionship and becomes a way of increasing communication, which is the essence of unity.

So it’s good news that Yerba Mate can be deliciously made with tea bags. Great for drinking yerba mate in college or work environment We offer a wide selection of yerba mate tea bags. The most notable difference between tereré and hot yerba mate tea is that tereré is prepared using cold water, which is sometimes mixed with fruit juice.

In Argentina and Uruguay it’s common for people to have only a light breakfast of one medialuna or a piece of toast with mate and then not eat a substantial meal until lunchtime. Within a couple of decades the Jesuits, who had long observed the endurance of the Guaranís, and also noticed that yerba mate could stave off malnutrition, changed their tune. Anyway, they preferred the natives, who they converted to Christianity by the thousands, drink mate instead of their other main ‘magical drink’, caña con ruda, a rue-infused sugarcane hooch. The ritual of drinking mate was a little too pagan for the priests’ taste too.

Cruz De Malta is a favorite among Argentines for its bold taste. This tea has sweet yet slightly smoky tones, is bitter in taste, and has a full flavor that Mate traditionalists love. The loose leaf version has a large amount of cut stems, and is relatively low in powder compared to many of its competitors.