Who would have thought choosing the best baby bath tub right nipple flow size would be such a daunting task. Have an idea on how to figure out the best nipple flow for your baby. If your baby is happy with the nipple size you are using, don’t bother changing the size. On the other hand, if your baby is frustrated or you see any of the signs above, then move on to the next size. If you are introducing formula to an older baby, then look at the nipple flow chart to start with the size that is recommended for the age. Sterilization is also recommended in Australia, such as by Milton sterilizing fluid.

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  • A Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in pediatric feeding can help you get a system that will work for you.
  • To test your bottle, fill it with any liquid and turn it upside down.
  • If an infant is having unusual difficulty with a particular feeding, it may be worth changing to a different nipple of the same type or change to a nipple that was found to be less variable.
  • So if you’re deciding between two options because you’re unsure which is best for your baby, just get both.

Those type of designs are recommended if you intend to supplement breastfeeding with bottle feeding. It’s also a good idea to keep bottles of various sizes on hand because your baby will start to eat more as they grow. These glass bottles have all the required features to mimic the feel and functionality of a woman’s natural breast. The nipples are fuller and have a wider base, and they’re softer than your traditional bottle nipple. These bottles are strong contenders if you’re worried that your baby will get confused when presented with a bottle nipple. The bottles are fitted with NaturalWave nipples designed to feel much like a woman’s nipple, including a wider base and softer feel.

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Dr. Brown’s Options Bottles can be used with or without the vent system. Some parents elect to remove the venting system as their baby’s feeding becomes more developed. Additionally, Dr. Brown’s offers a Preemie Nipple for premature infants; and an Ultra-Preemie Nipple, primarily used by medical professionals for medically fragile infants in hospitals.


Note that once you confirm, this action cannot be undone. It will create the same sensation as a breast for them because of the slow flow of milk. Preemie nipples are the perfect choice for premature babies. Premature babies who have been breastfed are used to the slower pace of milk flow. If your baby is premature, then use a preemie nipple for them.

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While sucking, a baby will maintain a seal over the holes at the end of the nipple with her tongue and prevent air entry in this way. If the nipple ring is screwed down tightly this also prevents air entry. In around one third of consultations I have had with parents regarding an infant feeding problem, I found that parents were trying to make their baby drink more than he or she needed.

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Also, breastfed and formula fed babies have different needs that would require different nipple sizes. From the mother point of view Comotomo bottles have all you can expect from a high quality baby bottle. Due to their breast like shape they are easily accepted by babies. My son liked the generous “let-down-like” portion when he was most hungry and latched on without a problem. You and your baby stand to gain much by making the switch to a faster nipple flow, but only if your baby shows true signs of readiness. Fortunately, most babies will give pretty obvious signals that they’re ready for a change.

Are they breathing heavily or loudly during breathing beaks? The gold standard is 1-2sucks;swallow;breathe per second if baby is swallowing more than once per swallow, flow rate is possibly too high. If a level 1 is too fast in Dr. B and baby is inefficient with preemie, sometimes you can use a Dr. B infant paced valve to increase efficiency. Be aware that the valve will maximize bolus extraction for that flow rate, so recommend going down one flow rate in nipple if baby already showing signs of inefficient extraction. A Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in pediatric feeding can help you get a system that will work for you. Breast milk is thinner than formula and babies tend to digest breastmilk more quickly.