Feed as many birds as possible and watch a huge variety of birds, and baby toys there is no need to refill as often. Inspect the edges of the suction cups and ensure that they remain smooth with the help of petroleum jelly. You should take down the whole feeder every four or five weeks and soak it in a mild bleach soapy solution. Use a soft cloth to wipe the feeder, its sides, the roof, and the base, so that there is no dirt inside.

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  • By placing our feeders right on or beside our windows, not only do we get the best possible views of birds, but we get to protect them, too.
  • You need to hang it from a tree branch or something similar.
  • I would love to look at both a nice feeder and the colorful birds crowding it.
  • With price positioned in the mid-range, this upgraded window bird feeder is a must.
  • The only drawback to this feeder (and it’s a small nit-picky one) is that bird are often back-lit.
  • What you don’t want—and what we saw in much of the competition—is for those individual pieces to feel loose or flimsy.

It is also weather proof giving birds the same benefit of fresh seeds even in bad weather. Because of its roof, the seeds are protected, kept dry and inside the feeder where belongs. The sliding seed tray also makes this product so easy to fill and clean.

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Instead of sliding down a chain, they haul the feeder up to the branch. It’s best to use a tree hook instead of a chain or rope to hang your feeders, as they become hard to pull up. If you put your feeders on a pole, you can follow the same advice as for squirrels. The feeder must have something for the suction cups to adhere to.

Best Window Bird Feeders Of 2021: Reviews & Buyers Guide

Before buying any product, it is wise to look at the ratings as well as what other buyers say about the product. Home Depot has a selection of bird supplies including window bird feeders. Because they put prices in wholesale, they even sell feeders at a price cheaper than pet shops.

If you don’t want to mess with your collection of pretty bottles, you can easily buy an empty one that’ll do the trick. Platform bird feeders are great beginner feeders and are versatile as they can be filled with seed or fruit. Made of various woods, typically cedar or redwood, wooden bird feeders are sturdy and stand up to all weather conditions. Featuring architectural designs from pagodas to historical locations, decorative bird feeders suit any garden. Planting flowers attracts birds because of the seeds that come after the bloom.

Upcycled Pie Tin Bird Feeder:

The best window bird feeder should be able to withstand inclement weather changes. If your window gets wet easily when it rains, then putting up a window feeder may not be your best choice. If not, choose a feeder design that has a roof to protect the seeds. This 10-inch vertical window feeder is a great space saver as compared to the more elaborate window feeders. With its unique design, this window bird feeder has a one-way mirror effect with its shatterproof plastic body, which also makes it convenient to see when the nectar level is low.

The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Of 2021

Typically there will be adjustable side pieces that extend to the sides of the windowsill, closing off the open space like a window air conditioner. The feeder is then secured by closing the window on top of it. The only real limiting factor with a window feeder is the size of the bird.